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For my German-speaking readers, I listed all 250 results and made a recommendation for each of them. For my English-speaking guests of this website, that doesn't make sense, as a huge portion is with (German) narrated text. Anyway offers which you are not looking for. If you speak German, here's my sister page. Click to it, next scroll down 100 %, that is to the second recommendation area below the 12 best CDs.  ✓✓



My Manual for All Folks Living in Countries Outside the German-Speaking World (... a Part of Switzerland, Austria, and Germany)


Click back to page one, scroll down completely. There are the 12 best results which fit 100 percent of "my audience" and your desire: Two offers "Classical Music for Babies" match my "philosophy", two more are my recommendation to calm down your baby, but not with popular ( ! ) classical music, but with general classical music. With a compilation of classical music works, all the same loudness, the same style of excitement and the same speed. All three criteria are necessary for a one-touch entertainment procedure. However, it's important, so again: These numbers 3 and 4 don't meet my popular ( ! ) classical music philosophy at all.  ✓✓


Regarding the audience "kids, students and beginners" one thing is true for sure ... and here repeated in a very short form ... that is, there is no such thing like classical music for kids. That is why the same offer will make both children, young adults and beginners happy. From there, I point to more options on my whole page 1 of this website.  ✓✓


Now Get a Feeling, Why I Do Believe, You Need a Researcher for the Cool Stuff


Yes, sure: I test listened to each of some 4,000 titles for you: popular, challenging, beautiful or really beautiful ...  and horrible pieces ... for kids and starters. Please find the result on page 1 of this website at the bottom. You get to the "CD corner" in the shop with a click here.  ✓✓


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