Teaching Material Classical Music and Popular Classical Music: Our "Miniature Classic Combo" Is a Real Cool, Free Offer


What is classical music? What is popular classic? And what at all is my "miniature classical combo"? The latter is the small version of my teaching material "in the matter of classical music for children". And here – on this website page – is this cool, free classical music corner in the matter of classical music for teachers, music teachers, pedagogues and for the many experts in many music schools.  ✓✓


Well, but what is (my "mini classic combo" exactly? My mini combo in the matter of "Classical Music for Children" is – as mentioned above – first of all the "little, free sister" of my even much more extensive offer with its own website... and of course this extensive offer is also available in my wife's store, where your purchase is especially beneficial to our mission in the matter of Johann Sebastian Bach and classical music, because a purchase there leaves the full amount for our mission, which I would like to "invest" in postcard postage for 5,000 postcards to music teachers, initially in Germany. What there -– as an offer for only € 11.90 (... and that once for "use until eternity") – can really be distributed in detail over several teaching units and introduces kids intensively, but completely stress-free to classical music, is offered here for you – as an additional offer – compressed so that you can design one or also two school hours. There are - free of charge – five components, and a little more familiarization with the material is necessary than with the variant for the small nominal fee. In the next but one section you can compare both offers.  ✓✓


First of all, I am of the opinion that the term "classical music" is nowhere really satisfactorily explained. On my very special further website I therefore lead once again quite differently and "very alternative and cross-knitted" to this exciting subject. You can inform yourself there and then follow my argumentation ... or even think up another approach. Then there is my music offer, which makes your lessons on the subject completely different: 45 minutes of the most popular Bach works is what I have selected for you, lined up and made available as MP3, so that you only need a small loudspeaker to "sonicate" your kids with first classical works. Third, I provide you with my "Classical Top 100" my compilation of the 300 most popular classical works. With very little preparation, you are welcome – also in this area – to agree with my opinion on popular and too-young popular classical music ... or disagree with what I have to say. Listening to any selection of works can be a stress-free and freely definable homework assignment for your kids. Finally, you will get from me a collection of curious, exciting and also original facts to enrich your lessons in "classical music". At the very least, they are direct and certainly amusing for you personally to read, even without a later assignment. For older students they are – offered as entertainment – also perfectly suitable, for younger ones only conditionally, for very small kids certainly not at all. You will find them as section E in the free package further down this page. Because we use this nominal fee for the XXL version to promote our Bach Mission and the whole Classical Music Project, we would of course be happy if you buy the comprehensive version from the publisher. And because this will ease or support your work for the years and even decades to come, we also know that you will not forward the electronic components to colleagues. Thank you for that as well!  ✓✓


No, these two pages are not from the "mini combo", which you can use here  as a teacher  "for free" to design your lessons on the subject of "Classical Music for Children". They are two sheets from the version with the tiny nominal charge.  ✓✓



Are you quite a conservative fan of classical music? And popular classical music is almost an imposition for you? Do you – for example – reject André Rieu and his form of presentation? Then please read about our philosophy on the way to classical music here. And why Mr. Rieu was and is so important for our project can be found here.  ✓✓



What Is Classical Music? Free Teaching Material for You!


Feel free to prepare yourself with my information about exactly this question, that is "What actually is classical music?". In addition, page 1 of another of my websites also introduces young classical music and especially popular classical music. Feel free to treat the topic as you like: If you find my explanations on the question "What is classical music?" cool, you only need to follow them argumentatively. If not, simply take my explanation as a thesis: Then reject it or "transport" the content as one offer among various explanatory approaches. As homework, it serves as reading for your kids afterwards. Especially under the aspect that there is simply no good, pedagogical, exciting explanation leading to popular and thus classical music, my approach is at least a good suggestion, if you want to "approach" this quite differently. Already from about ten euros there are tiny speakers and with my 45 minutes of popular Bach music (... as MP3; free of charge) you entertain your lessons and make it "quite different" than German, math or even biology. By the way, I produced this music myself. And because Bach has not been alive for much, much longer than 70 years, the result is royalty-free. And I am allowed to make it available to you. Popular classical music by many composers would be much better, but I am not allowed to compile that for you. Internet-savvy students in your rascals gang are allowed to do so and in my "60-cents-per-year-lesson-variant" (... € 11,90), if used over 20 coming years, I have compiled four lists, which your kids or you can comfortably put together to a playlist. Why they and also you are allowed to do that and why you are then only allowed to play this collection in your lessons – and the NATIONAL ASSOCIATION FOR MUSIC EDUCATION finds that okay – you will find out directly where you find these five lists. Exactly this reading on my further website is the third component: Children can be " engaged " with this offer – also as homework – in every imaginable depth and to every imaginable extent. Finally, so fourth, a collection of curiosities, irrelevancies, exciting and generally unknown knowledge about the great classical composers is either a little reading on the subject for you or also an offer that – transported in an exciting way – can carry the subject of classical music to the kids' lunch table at home.  ✓✓


Two more example pages regarding the "Teaching Material Classical Music" for the tiny nominal fee of € 11.90 (... usable for "always and forever" ... so for example until the year 2050). You want to know, what's that in your currency? Please click here.  ✓✓




For Your Face-To-Face Classes, for Distance Learning and Also as a Combination of Both ... As Well as for at Home


My offer – in both variants – was 100% created during the Corona crisis in the first year, 2020. When it started in China at the beginning of the year and until the weeks when the spook in Germany first subsided sustainably and then led to a second wave. Therefore, a distance learning variant was of course not an option, but a must! For this purpose, this teaching offer is not only applicable, but perfectly thought out. Even the possibility of cheating can be handled problem-free and above all stress-free, because both test and homework only serve to introduce your kids to the subject for a few hours. ✓✓




My Two Offers in Comparison (Overview) 1. Your Free "Teaching Material Classical Music"


My reading "What is classical music?". There you inform yourself, there your kids also inform themselves. You can learn more under this listing. Via the link above you get there with one click, if you do not want to download the PDF now.  ✓✓


A summary of many curiosities, interesting facts and exciting topics ("Funny+++ Facts") to "enrich" one or two school lessons: exciting, but rather for older kids than for third and fourth graders.    ✓✓


My compilation as MP3 file: "The most popular Bach melodies" in 45 minutes. To accompany your lessons. This offer is ready, Feel free to use it via the MP3 link here, the button with the notes.      ✓✓


Four suggestions = four lists with the most popular classical works beyond Johann Sebastian Bach's music. These lists are ready and also free to use, and you can get further down this page via this link. I am not allowed to compile these classical works for you. That's the way it is between schools and the NATIONAL ASSOCIATION FOR MUSIC EDUCATION. Your kids, however, are allowed to compile them and make them available to you (... exclusively) for your lessons. Please read the Original Terms and Conditions of the NATIONAL ASSOCIATION FOR MUSIC EDUCATION and double check whether these rules are also valid in your country. You only need one minute to do this.         ✓✓


My collection "Classical Top 100" works: It's the 300 most popular classical works compiled directly for clicking: This is a good basis for homework of any length and intensity. With a click on the link above or the info button near here you are directly at the first title (... without having to download the PDF now).       ✓✓


My selection of eight purchase CDs or purchase CD boxes, if you have no desire at all or time or leisure or neither/nor to compile a playlist.       ✓✓


Of course you will get suggestions from me, how you can optimally enrich the topic "classical music for children" musically : This is possible once free of charge, then via download, via streaming and with "the good old" CD. You can also find out which CDs are the best for this very purpose, that is, because they offer the most popular pieces for your money. Click on the CDs above and you can listen directly. Or buy ... and this will result in a small commission for our mission, without making your purchase more expensive.  ✓✓


My Offers in Comparison (Overview) 2. Your “Teaching Material Classical Music” for Only € 11.90


Please check here, what € 11.90 is in your currency today.


My offer costs a one-time fee of only € 11.90 ... and that is – in the next ten school years – only a very minimal € 1.19 per school year. There is a separate website for this teaching material listed below, which specifically presents this more extensive of two offers in much more detail. You can get there here✓✓


1(... the first of 20 parts of the XXL offer)

My "philosophy": Read here what is so different about my "Classical Music Teaching Material" compared to dozens of proven and established approaches. And why I believe that kids will enjoy classical music for a lifetime practically only with my approach.  Welcome to my "World of Classical Music"!   ✓✓


My "operating manual": Learn compactly how to minimize your work, optimize the common fun and "transport" the result sustainably. Here you get an impression.     ✓✓


My compilation "homework" (... as an introduction to the topic of classical music): 150 questions on 52 pages in multiple-choice form. Fillable as PDF or on paper. Of course there are examples     ✓✓


My compilation as a playlist: "The most popular Bach melodies in 45 minutes". For the acoustic background of your presence lessons or as background music for your kids at home. ✓✓



Four suggestions = four collections = four lists with the most popular classical works beyond Johann Sebastian Bach's music. These lists are ready and also free to use and you can get there by following this link nearby. Unfortunately, I am not allowed to compile these classical works for you. That's how it is regulated between schools and THE NATIONAL ASSOCIATION FOR MUSIC EDUCATION. You need only one minute, promise! Your kids, however, are allowed to compile them and make them available to you ... exclusively for your lessons. Please read the original terms and conditions of THE NATIONAL ASSOCIATION FOR MUSIC EDUCATION. How can you listen to them? With a click here, on the button or at the very bottom of this page, the musical works (... my suggestions) are listed and you can – piece by piece – also listen to them immediately. ✓✓


My compilation and selection titled "Classical Music Top 100": It is a collection of 300 works of popular classical music – also young popular classical music – which is optimal for an introduction to this genre. In it, you can explore classical music, you can compile playlists, and you can also – according to your own taste – compile a classical music background for your lessons. Kids can also approach this music genre at home ... for weeks and even after many years. Discover 300 popular classical works with one click here ✓✓


My recommendations of eight Classical Music CDs, if you do not want to compile a playlist, and you do not like my suggestion of musical works by Johann Sebastian Bach ... for whatever reason. The special thing about these suggestions is my research for a perfect ratio of popular, beautiful and wonderful classical works. To "filter" them out of some 250 ( ! ) CD offers and CD box offers does not work quite so "chop-chop"!     ✓✓


Here are already the first four proposals of eight. Four more suggestions is what you will find via the info button. Would you have thought that the price per single popular, beautiful or wonderful work is between 1.60 Euro and 9 Cent?  ✓✓ 


Please check here, what € 11.90 is in your currency today.  ✓✓



My compilation "What is classical music?" Classical music  as the term is used today  is nowhere vividly or excitingly described. Until now. To the point ... you will find that nowhere.  ✓✓


My amusement for Your Classroom ("Funny+++ Facts"): In addition to the conservative material of teaching, this reading lists a lot of hilarious, exciting, funny, and unusual entertainment. Of course, older students will find these facts more exciting. They are of very limited use to third and fourth graders. You can find these facts in compact form via the link under the " 9 " or via the button.  ✓✓



My Compilation "Test / Class Work": 150 questions on 48 pages according to the multiple-choice principle.(... the second run, it is almost the same question sheets as above). Fillable as PDF or on paper. Examples? Gladly!  ✓✓


My document "Answers + Info" for your quick orientation (PDF) for a correction with your kids, not by you alone at home. How it looks? That is what you can discover with some sample pages with a click here.  ✓✓


My "Teleprompter", an alternative offer (Answers + Info) to support your classroom teaching or to make your own one-time "Answers and Info Video" for all upcoming school years (PDF). To see exactly what this looks like and how you might produce such a video yourself, click here. This video is just a "nice-to-have" part of the material, all works also without, the English version will follow in the fall of 2023 ✓✓

13 + 14 + 15


My videos "Answer + Info", moderated by me: 150 answers with information on the 150 questions, enriched with many motifs on the topic of "Classical Music". Applicable in distance learning or via white board or beamer in face-to-face classes. Or for students "all by themselves at home". This video can replace your – together with your kids – correction excitingly. You can watch the complete video: It is publicly posted on YouTube and "advertises".  ✓✓


The winner's certificate (s): It can be completed electronically for the winner, the best two kids or the best teams of 2 (PDF).   ✓✓


It's absolutely your decision: Either print just one single winner's certificate. Or additionally a second, a third ... or, if you really enjoy it ... even 15 "fourth places".  ✓✓


17 + 18 + 19

The 1st prize: Downloads of the "Biography of Johann Sebastian Bach for Children" with the okay to share it with all your kids this year and in the years to come, as ... ✓✓


Audiobook with the music of Bach

PDF (Version for Tablets) 

eBook-Version  ✓✓


Click on a book (... or here) and you will get a detailed reading sample (1* / 2*) and a really long listening sample with music by Johann Sebastian Bach (3*).   ✓✓


A single audio play for a single child alone costs more than the complete "Teaching Material Classical Music". But we are "on a mission" and that's why this "Teaching Material Classical Music" comes with the audio book, a tablet variant (PDF) and an eBook for all your schoolchildren. Not "either/or" but each variant for each child. And that works exactly the same way next year. And in five years, in ten years, and even still in 20 years. ✓✓




My entertainment "in the matter of Bach" as a thank you for you (MP3): They are the most beautiful quotes about Johann Sebastian Bach and his work, narrated by two professional TV speakers. With an eight-minute Bach mini biography, accompanied by Bach's music, as an audio collage to listen to.   ✓✓ 


Click on the picture on the left or on the store button on the right (... or here) and you will be taken to a really exciting audio sample.  ✓✓


Composers Calendars, Music Calendars, Pipe Organ Calendars, Musical Instruments Calendars and One Special Mozart Calendar and One Special Beethoven Calendar


With a purchase in one of the stores of "Bach 4 You" you support our "Bach and Classical Music Mission" directly. If you buy the "Teaching Material Classical Music" in my wife's store, there is twice as much budget "left over" for our goal than if you buy it elsewhere. Thank you also for this.  ✓✓



For the Equivalent of 59 Cents per Year, You Get Add-Ons for € 16.500


Thus ... is advertising! In fact, it sounds strange that you get the equivalent of € 16.500 for only 59 cents per year. But ... I am a "fun maker among the Bachs" and not a salesman. So the statement above is true, But of course it is calculated with a very heavy wink:  ✓✓


€ 11.90 will the "Teaching Material Classical Music" cost you and I'm guessing with my calculation a first use inspires you and you already plan the repetition "for the next round" in the coming year. And after that for another 18 years, if you still want to introduce kids to the world of "serious music" for that long. It's all about the 1st prize for the winner or winners of the class test, or classic class paper. The prize: the Biography About Bach for Children. It, the prize, is worth € 22.90, € 18.90 and € 16.90 each as an audio book, for your tablet and as an eBook. Adds up to € 55. Let's assume your class is manageably large, so there are 25 schoolchildren. This results in a value for the Bach Biography in all the formats listed above of € 824 in total for "a year's class of kids." This also applies to the next year, the year after that, and then the year after that: So € 827 times 20 years = € 16.540. Add to that the € 9.99 for your thank you gift (... the audio collage "Bach Quotes") and that's "about exactly" € 16.500. Cool? Yes, cool.   ✓✓


Please check here, what € 11.90 is in your currency today. ✓✓



Provide the Ears of Your Kids With “Light” Classical Music


The first collection is music by Johann Sebastian Bach produced by me. It is compiled into a playlist for you, you can download it and play it, because it is royalty free. I am not allowed to compile the classical top hits of other composers, played by musicians over the past 50 years, to a playlist for you. But ... I may suggest them to you. And you – or one of your students – may "tinker", that is compile a playlist from them which you may then play in class. But ... you are also not allowed to pass it on. All this is regulated by the German GEMA agreement with all German schools, and it's similar in the US by the NATIONAL ASSOCIATION FOR MUSIC EDUCATION. I believe it's the same also in your country, however you must check.  ✓✓


 My popular Bach Classical Music as MP3 for you (... already compiled here). 

45 minutes 

   Bach   Air      3:11  


   Bach   Präludium aus "Das wohltemperierte Klavier / Prelude from the Well-Termpered Clavier     2:20


   Bach   Menuett in G-Dur / Minuet in G Major      1:20  


   Bach   Wohl mir, dass ich Jesum habe / Jesu, Joy of Man's Desire      2:59  


   Bach   Orchester-Suite Nr. 2 in h-Moll / Orchestra Suite in B Minor     1:31  


   Bach   Brandenburgisches Konzert Nr. 2 / Brandenburg Concert No. 2      3:13  


   Bach   Brandenburgisches Konzert Nr. 3 / Brandenburg Concert No. 3   3:43  


   Bach   Französische Suite Nr. 5 / French Suite No. 5     1:25  


   Bach   Schafe können sicher weiden / Sheep May Safely Graze      3:10  


   Bach   Bauern-Kantate / Peasants Cantata      2:36  


   Bach   Wachet auf, ruft uns die Stimme / Sleepers Awake      3:52  


   Bach   Menuett / Minuet     1:31  


   Bach   Toccata in d-Moll / Toccata in D Minor      2:21  


   Bach   Fuge in g-Moll / Fugue in G Minor      3:03  


   Bach   Musikalisches Opfer / Musical Sacrifice     3:25  


   Bach   Ouvertüre Nr. 2 in h-Moll / Overture No. 2 in B Minor     1:28  


   Bach   Suite Nr. 1 aus den 6 Cello-Suiten / Suite from the 6 Cello Suites      3:13 



My suggestions "Conservative Classical Works": Click individually or set up a playlist


   Bach   Badinerie      1:27


   Beethoven   Für Elise / For Elise      2:55


   Beethoven   Ode an die Freude / Ode to Joy   2`55


   Binge   Elisabeth-Serenade / Elisabeth Serenade      2:43


   Boccherini   Minuetto      3:34


   Charpentier   Te Deum      2:02


   Clarke   Trumpet Voluntary      3:01


   Grieg   Morgenstimmung / Morning Mood      4:18


   Handel   Ankunft der Königin von Sheba / Arrival of the Queen of Sheba    3:18


   Mozart   40. Sinfonie / Symphony No. 40      3:06


   Mozart   Rondo Alla Turca      3:31


   Pachelbel   Kanon in D-Dur / Canon in D Major     4:40


   Rimski-Korsakow   Hummelflug / Flight of the Bumblebee      1:10


   Smetana   Die Moldau / The Moldau      3:05


   Strauss (Richard)   Also sprach Zarathustra / Thus spoke Zarathustra      1:42


   Wagner   Brautchor (Lohengrin) / Bridal Choir      2:04

46 minutes



My suggestions of conservative but lighter classical music. Click individually or set up a playlist


   Claydermann   Ballade Pour Adeline *     2:36


   Denza   Funiculi Funicula      2:43


   Dostal   Flieger-Marsch * Aviator's March      2:30


   Jarre   Doktor Schiwago / Doctor Zhivago      3:27


   Liszt   Liebestraum Nr. 3 / Love Dream No. 33      5:50


   Loewe   I Could Have Danced All Night (My Fair Lady) *     2:38


   Mendelssohn Bartholdy   Hochzeitsmarsch / Wedding March     3:06


   Modugno   Volare *       3:49 


   Schmidt   Tiritomba *      2:50 


   Schubert   Ave Maria      6:15


   Steiner   Vom Winde verweht (Tara’s Theme) * / Gone with the Wind     3:39


   Strauss (Johann, Sohn)   Annen-Polka / Anne's Polka      3:00


   Tschaikowski   Schwanensee / Swan Lake      3:30


   Tschaikowski   Russischer Tanz (Nussknacker) / Russian Dance      1:17


   Verdi   Nabucco      4:15



* = for very conservative classical music fans, it's "borderline"!

45 minutes



My suggestions in this "collection" are young English and American classical music pieces. Click individually or set up a playlist


    Arnold   Independence Day *      6:12


   Berlin   God Bless America      3:51


   Bernstein (Elmer)   The Magnificent Seven Main Theme     5:40


   Bernstein (Leonhard)   America (West Side Story)      4:28


   Cohen (Leonard)   Halellujah      3:27


   Copland   Fanfare for the Common Man      4:16 


   Elfman   Mission Impossible *      1:02


   Elgar   God Save the Queen (Britische National Anthem)      2:19


   Sanderson   Hail to the Chief      1:40


   Smith   The Star Spangled Banner (National Anthem USA)   1:14


   Sousa   The Washington Post March   2:37


   Ward   America the Beautiful      3:18 


   Williams   E.T. *      3:46



* = for very conservative classical music fans, it's "borderline"!

43 minutes



My suggestions in this collection are very definitely "borderline" and young, popular classic. Click individually or set up a playlist


   Faltermeyer   Top Gun Opening Theme *   4:09


   Last   Der einsame Hirte * / The Lonely Shepard   5:39


   Last   Morgens um 7 ist die Welt noch in Ordnung * / Mornings at Seven   3:36


   May   Who Wants to Live Forever  *  4:11


   Morricone   Once Upon a Time In The West *   4:08


   Serra   Der Diva-Tanz (Das fünfte Element) * * * * * * * * * * / The Diva Dance (The Fifth Element)   4:59


   Silvestri   Back to the Future Main Theme *    3:15


   Vangelis   Conquest of Paradise *   4:40


   Webber   Phantom der Oper Theme Song / Phantom of the Opera Theme Song   6:31


   Williams   Star Wars Main Theme *   1:29



* = "borderline" for conservative classical music fans, * * * is even experimental.

42 minutes



My suggestion: pick your favorite classical hits yourself!



One click here, and you can choose among 300 classical music hits yourself.



And of Course, Here Also a Little Advertising for the Bach Fans Among You Is Allowed. So for Such Bach Fans Who Do Not “Only” Love His Music 


Most likely this is true: In no other book and calendar publishing house there are so many Bach figures, as in "Bach 4 You". Bach busts, Bach figurines, Bach statues, Bach tin figures, little Bach men and even a little Bach eraser, at the same time the very smallest Bach bust. Finally, click here again to get to all shops and from there to the publisher's store or to one of the online stores. Oh yes ... for sure you will get, except for the two smallest Bach busts, all larger (white) Bach busts with eight ( ! ) free add-ons.   ✓✓



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