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Hello, I am Peter Bach, Jr. and that "comes", because my father was also called Peter with first name. Around 2013 I started my "Bach on Bach" project and later, little by little, this initially German website has grown into another 15 websites. Of course, all these websites are also available in English. ✓✓



My translation help for you: "Nachricht" is "Your Message",  the "Es gilt die Datenschutzverordnung" is "The Data Protection Order is valid" and "absenden" is "send". ✓✓



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The "Teaching Material Classical Music", Many, Many Music Calendars and of Course the Bach Biography for Children: All That Is What You Find at "Bach 4 You"!


The "Teaching Material Classical Music " consists of 20 parts and is completely digital. It is a casual and easy introduction to the world of classical music. Composers calendars are just one part of the 99 music calendars offered by the publisher "Bach 4 You" and the "Bach Biography for Children" is also available for purchase there.  ✓✓



The 2022 Beethoven Calendar 


The Ludwig van Beethoven Wall Calendar in the European style, that means it comes with no grid to leave notes (... the preferred calendar style in the U.S.). However, there is a "grid version" as well. Find that on "Zazzle". Here you get to all shops.  ✓✓


12 great monthly calendar pages in the 2022 Beethoven Calendar and later also in 2023. Three sizes. You get to the shop here.  ✓✓


At "Zazzle" there are our most T-shirts and our best T-shirts on the topics "composers" and "music". At "Bach 4 You" there are the publisher's own offers like busts and calendars and at "Zazzle" there are the most exciting further music gifts ... beyond ... and many cool calendars in the US style. You can get to all the stores here. ✓✓



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